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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Power work in Dales turns up Iron Age site

From The Yorkshire Post:

ENGINEERS burying power lines in the Yorkshire Dales have unearthed a piece of ancient history, which has baffled experts.

A long-buried strip of ash and burnt material was discovered in Kingsdale, near Ingleton, by an archaeologist working for United Utilities and Electricity North West.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tide turns on Iron Age midden treasure trove

From News Scotsman:

AN ANCIENT rubbish tip – inhabited nearly 2,000 years ago – is disappearing into the sea, archeologists have warned.

The Iron Age midden on Skye's west coast has so far yielded bone fragments, stone tools, a button manufactured from horn and the top of a human skull.

But experts are battling the elements in a race to save the 1,900-year-old treasure trove from the elements.

The manmade tools and fragments are already under attack from lashing waves and strong winds, with significant amounts of material already lost to the sea. A report published by Highland Council's Historic Environment Record said that at the current rate of erosion, the site will not last beyond 2010.

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Ancient midden ‘unlikely to survive beyond 2010’

From the BBC News:

An ancient midden, or rubbish dump, thought to have historical importance is under serious threat from erosion, according to archaeologists.

They said it was doubtful if artefacts at Uamh an Eich Bhric on Skye's west coast would survive beyond 2010. Excavations at the site during 2008 and earlier this year were seen as the "only chance" to investigate it. A report published online by Highland Council's Historic Environment Record said it was key Iron Age site.

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